Sinbad is "Fighting for Every Inch" On The Two-Year-Long Road To Recovery Post-Stroke

Sinbad is "Fighting for Every Inch" On The Two-Year-Long Road To Recovery Post-Stroke

Comedy legend Sinbad is on the long road to recovery two years after a devastating ischemic stroke and its aftermath left the 90s stand-up icon without any mobility at all. 

Sinbad’s family posted an update on the comedian’s Instagram page yesterday afternoon to detail the challenges he still faced and post a link to, where those who wish to help the family with the overwhelming medical bills can make donations towards Sinbad’s recovery.

Following the stroke, Sinbad suffered multiple blood clots and brain bleeding that left him in a medically induced coma for multiple weeks. He was hospitalized for a total of nine months before being released in July, 2021. Said Sinbad on his return home, "I am not done. I will not stop fighting until I can walk across the stage again.” But the way forward still has many challenges for the artist who helped to define an entire decade of comedy, as he continues to receive therapy to bring his “dead” limbs back to life.

Sinbad’s family has come up with a unique way to raise funds for the medical bills that have “far exceeded” what insurance covers – two days ago, they released a limited edition collectible Sinbad action figure that shows Sinbad in his signature high top fade donning the colorful outfit from his unfortunately titled special Brain Damaged.

Even with so far to go on the road to recovery, Sinbad and his family are optimistic, having already beaten some threatening odds just to get to this place – the family says the chance of survival from what Sinbad went through two years ago is 30 percent, and with Sinbad continuing to make significant strides, they have nothing but gratitude for the fans who have followed his journey.

Said the family, “Every outpouring of love and the memories of how he has touched all of you have not gone unheard, unseen, or unfelt. Thank you. You have lifted his spirits along the way and inspired the entire family.”

In the words of Sinbad, “Stay funky, stay blessed.”

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