20 Giant and Thick-Accented Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger

The largest, strongest everyman there is.
20 Giant and Thick-Accented Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger

Super normal everyman Arnold Schwarzenegger is an action movie legend and a comedy, erm, performer. Alright, that wasn’t fair, but you know what we mean. Schwarzenegger’s action movies are pretty much the fabric of our childhoods (except for The 6th Day, that movie sucked). And some of his comedies are actually kinda fun: for example Twins, Kindergarten Cop, or especially True Lies, which perhaps for being directed by Cameron actually does allow him to convey some funny material. Oh, yeah, and then there’s Bill Paxton. Schwarzenegger and Paxton truly made a hilarious comedic couple.

In any case, Schwarzenegger’s legacy remains with us (at least when not clumsily cut in TV broadcasts). For example, a new Predator called Prey is just around the corner, and it looks fascinating. Schwarzenegger’s contributions to modern pop culture are truly insane, and they were all built on his practically one-of-a-kind self, as a mountain of a man that also enjoys goofiness and delivering fun spectacles (and petty political messages here and there). Now, as losers, we’re not too fond of his intolerance towards our kind (or his romantic Christmas specials), but we did enjoy gathering a bunch of facts about him. Still, a word of warning: We will never call him “the Governator,” because that was always lame, come on.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Не called out Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. In February 2022, Scharzenegger put out a video in support of Ukraine, directly calling Putin out, while treating the Russian people with respect, and firmly telling them they were being fed misinformation about the invasion and its causes. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

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