12 Action Stars That Tried Comedy with Seriously Mixed Results

Stop or my mom will watch a Sylvester Stallone comedy!
12 Action Stars That Tried Comedy with Seriously Mixed Results

Many actors in the Film industry already have a great sense of humor but aren't allowed to express it. It's called typecasting for a reason. It's sometimes the simple truth that comedy is extremely difficult. It's sometimes the overpowering, fatal genre films that come out from Hollywood every week. But whatever case may be, here we have been a dozen actors we believe would benefit from the chief comedic role, everything that ridiculous and lightweight. It diversifies their career opportunities and demonstrates their fan base that being a Hollywood actor can sometimes mean just having fun.

Why do producers and directors believe that putting a muscled action star in place with lots of kids will result in extremely rapid laughs? You need more than just a script by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon to save it.

A few famous actors have demonstrated to be thoroughly entertaining, while others are as painful as a crowbar towards the funny bone. Here are famous actors who have tried their hand at comedy with different levels of success.

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