CRACKED ROUND-UP: Tragic Love Story Edition


We'd like to take this time to commemorate the loss of two of our interns. They were star-crossed lovers, working for departments with a long and storied rivalry. Rather than report their liaison to HR, they decided to take poison and end their lives. Any claims that the deaths were due to improperly prepared cafeteria lettuce are pure fancy.

Soren started us off with movies that sucked until reality backed them up. Bucholz followed up with a treatise on exterminating bed bugs while Brockway wrote about scientists pushing drugs on animals. Seanbaby revised Smokey The Bear's origin story and Dan O'Brien closed us off with a horrifying look at what lesser networks would do to Dexter.

6 Romantic Movie Gestures That Can Get You Prison Time

Because Hollywood screenwriters don't get out much..

Notable Comment:

"Honestly, if some chick were to try to force oral sex on me....I'll bust it dead in her throat. That would show her."

We feel obligated to preserve So-Pringle's comment for future generations.

CRACKED ROUND-UP: Tragic Love Story Edition
6 Real World Da Vinci Codes That Aren't Full of Crap

Artists got really bored in the days before chemical hallucinogens.

Notable Comment:"Socrates was Plato's teacher, not his "sidekick". "

DeanPeters, why are those two things mutually exclusive?

CRACKED ROUND-UP: Tragic Love Story Edition
6 Iconic Jobs That Are Going Away Forever

The times, they are a'changing. Largely thanks to robots.

Notable Comment:"You forgot toll collectors. Fastrak spells doom for human toll booth operators. In a few years there will be none - just more people looking for work."

SparkyGrinstead, what part of toll collecting would you consider iconic?

CRACKED ROUND-UP: Tragic Love Story Edition
6 Things Everyone Knows About Women That Aren't True

Here Internet, have some shocking truth.

Notable Comment:

"if women dropped more bombs than men in a video game, wouldn't that mean that women aren't any more aggressive than men, just better at spamming?"

Stop prodding the science, Battlesheep.

r e
7 Priceless Works of Art Ruined by Staggering Acts of Idiocy

No use crying over spilled art.

Notable Comment:

"Looks like you fell right into Herostratus's plan. I mean you're still talking about him and it's been nearly 2500 years. Get over it guys, he isn't worth the attention."

You know what, pelcurus? Great arson is worth remembering.

Agents of Cracked
Ding. Dong. Dead!
Queue dramatic music.

CRACKED ROUND-UP: Tragic Love Story Edition
Pimped Out Versions of Everyday Items
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Women's Wrestling finally comes to Afghanistan!
by librarianmike

Editor's pick:

Oh sure, this is "Art." But when I do this with plastic tarps it's all "murderer" this and "psychopath" that.
by Mr.Excalibur


He who climbeth the slopes of Mount Hammertime will be unable to touch this, so sayeth the lord.
by Kamikaze Phoenix

Editor's pick:

And on the eighth day god said "Let there be Whack-A-Mole"
by Jay3000


Worship me! The nonbelievers shall receive doom! The Faithful shall receive Pez!
by Diasdiem

Editor's pick:

You see that teardrop? That means it killed someone.
by HMS_Ford


This public service announcement demonstrates how to improve the reception on your new iPhone
by bcanders

Editor's pick:

Grover be praised! And lo, the path to Sesame Street was shewn unto the faithful.
by Zombiecross


We take them for granted now, but it took our ancestors years to tame wild automobiles.
by Double_L

Editor's pick:

Why does no one else seem to take issue with the way Veggie Tales portray the Crucifixion?
by Sericatus


All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. But now they're all dead.
by confission

Editor's pick:

"So, Luke, how'd you end up defeating Vadar? Using the Force or something?" "Nah, he wandered out into traffic and I ran him over in my T-16."
by RodneyHardman


Uh... not the "bitches with strap-ons" I was looking for, Google.
by Versus

Editor's pick:

Even though you the don't ask don't tell policy was still in effect, everyone knew that Sgt Woofers was a dog
by skarlath

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