16 Life Affirming Trivia Tidbits About Movies

16 Life Affirming Trivia Tidbits About Movies

Hollywood can be a horrible, soul-crushing place. News and social media feeds are chock-full of scandals. We're constantly hearing awful behind-the-scenes stories of sexual harassment, actors acting like egomaniacs, and generally hostile work environments. And that's for the successful people!

Thousands of wannabe, would-be, or are-but-need-a-break actors, musicians, comedians, and other artists travel to Los Angeles to chase their dream and toil, hoping that their dream doesn't age into a stagnant, hamster-wheelish nightmare. Show business can be rough for anyone involved. But there is some hope in the world of Tinsel Town.

Within that sea of negativity, there's bound to be at least something positive -- or at least that was our theory. Not everything is awful all of the time. There has to be some light at the end of the struggle tunnel. So we decided to find some behind-the-scenes stories that will warm your heart, instead of crushing it into despair:

Sophie Turner adopted her direwolf. Turner says she and her family fell in love with Lady, real name Zunni, during filming. When Lady met her end on G

Mara Wilson's Matilda co-stars helped her deal with her mother's illness. Wilson's mother was seriously sick during the filming and died six months af

James Gandolfini gave every actor on The Sopranos a cut of his DVD profits. When Gandolfini found out he was the only actor on the show that was getti

16 Life Affirming Trivia Tidbits About Movies

Viggo Mortensen really loves horses. IDAL Mortensen owns two horses he rode in The Lord of the Rings. He says he bought one of them after striking a d

Guillermo del Toro was nicknamed Totoro-sann on the set of Pacific Rim. Embarrassed that she couldn't pronounce his name, nine-year-old actress Mana

Michael Bay helped find a home for Britain's loneliest dog. While filming Transformers: The Last Knight in the UK, Bay heard about Freya - an epilep

Chris Pratt stole some Star-Lord gear SO he could go visit sick kids. In an interview before Guardians of the Galaxy came out, Pratt said that he stol

Manny Jacinto made the whole cast of The Good Place cry with a beautiful gesture. G P Jacinto stole the necklace his character Jason gives Janet as a

Shonda Rhimes sent everybody from Grey's Anatomy on a luxury vacation. 4 To celebrate the show's 350th episode, Rhimes bought a vacation to a luxury r

Robin williams helped Steven Spielberg get through Schindler's List. Spielberg says he had a really tough time while filming the brutally depressing f

Keanu Reeves had John Wick spare two assassins out of respect. During rehearsals for John Wick: Chapter Parabellum, Reeves felt so humbled while pract

Robert Downey Jro had a custom car built for Chris Evans. 1967 Steve Camaro Rogers Custon RS Built Specinl for Chris Editiom By EvanS As a parting gif

Martin Scorsese put his mom in Goodfellas. She played the mom of Joe Pesci's character. Mrs. Scorsese also made the spaghetti and meatballs served in

Thanks to Rocky, Sylvester Stallone got his dog back. According to Stallone, before he made it big, he was sO poor that he was forced to sell his dog,

Chris Evans' mom burst into tears after seeing old Steve Rogers. And no, not because she was sad that Avengers: Endgame was the last time we would see
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