Marijuana is so normalized now, Cheech and Chong are probably known as “those guys from Pixar films” instead of “those guys who get comically high all the time.” Geez, even Dave Chappelle has pivoted from Half Baked to transphobia. That's the world we get for letting the United Nations say weed is cool. Yes, it appears that society is slowly coming around to what dudes in the Xinjiang region of China, aka the cradle of cannabis, knew a long time ago: weed is wonderful. Even Thailand is giving away weed now.

But just because The Man is down with the jazz cigarettes doesn't mean legal weed has no consequences. But those consequences are things like “how can we legalize weed while also making sure people incarcerated for marijuana offenses receive justice," not “the local teens are dying of peer pressure!” Marijuana legalization has certainly changed things. We'd say “it's a brave new world,” but that book was about pills. We think, anyway, we're too high to walk over to the bookshelf. 


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