15 Incorrect Origins Of The Term 420

These are all wrong. We guarantee it.
15 Incorrect Origins Of The Term 420

A very happy 4/20 to all the lovers of the devil’s lettuce who choose to celebrate by lighting up a big ol’ doober. But, you may wonder, what is the origin of the term “420” for weed that in turn, lent its name to the holiday? There are many theories and folktales as to where it comes from. Here are 15 that I can positively confirm are not correct.

It’s the number of joints you can safely smoke in your life before you permanently have “the weed sickness.”

$4.20 was the cost of a single weed, before inflation. They were sold at bait shops.

420 was the California police code for someone with long hair.

Weed is often thought to expand the brain, and at the time the slang was invented, 420 was the highest number anyone had ever counted to.

420 are the devils struck down by the archangel Gabriel, and lo, they fell to earth, stripped of their wings, and where they landed, a strange plant did grow.

420 BC was the year that the Egyptians invented dabs.

Marijuana is actually made up of 420 secret herbs and spices.

It is to commemorate a teen who was sentenced to 420 years of timeout after his father caught him smoking weed.

420mm is the minimum legal length of a joint. If a joint is shorter, it must be released back into the lake and allowed to continue growing.

$420 is generally considered enough money to buy a whole lot of weed.

Weed is 420 times more poisonous than cyanide.

Only 420 people in the entire world know the secret recipe for making weed. When they all die, weed will be gone forever.

It stands for decimal coordinates, Latitude 4, Longitude 20, which is near some city in Africa where they probably smoke weed.

420 is how many types of weed there are, not including mega-evolutions.

It’s a reference to a banned episode of the Flintstones, season 4, episode 20, where Fred and Barney fill a bird with weed and then smoke it.

Now you know!

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