The general public's feelings on weed have gradually shifted in favor of “gosh dang, just let people toke up for crying out loud,” but it's been a slow process. Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug, with the likes of heroin, for example. If their roles were reversed, and alcohol was the illicit drug that was fighting for legitimacy, would it still look better than weed?

CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES CRACKED.COM MARIJUANA ALCOHOL Legal in 18 Legal for states persons over 21 o annual 2,000+ annual overdoses overdoses Current champ: Current champ: Seth Rogen Your step-dad

CRACKED VS HOME BREW MARIJUANA ALCOHOL CRACKED.COM Starting in In 2018, the 2023, adults global home in the U.S. can beer-brewing grow up to 12 machine market marijuana size had a value plants per of $12 million. household.

CRACKED VS U.S. TAX REVENUE MARIJUANA ALCOHOL CRACKED.COM $8 billion $9.5 billion in since legal 2020, which is sales first dwarfed by the $22.5 billion in began in 2014, health care in the handful expenditures of states that for alcohol allow it. related issues.

Source: Statista 

CRACKED VS ACCEPTANCE MARIJUANA ALCOHOL CRACKED.COM Compared to alcohol, ...Except for pregnant people would lose women, who lost respect for virtually more respect if they everyone if they drank alcohol. discovered they used marijuana in one Religious leaders, survey. From pilots, and doctors all presidents to got a bigger pass on teachers, they can't alcohol than weed. abide weed.

CRACKED VS USE WITH CHILDREN MARIJUANA ALCOHOL CRACKED.COM 50% of high By 12th school age grade, 75% children of children report trying report marijuana at drinking least once. alcohol.

CRACKED V3 OVERDOSING MARIJUANA ALCOHOL CRACKED.COM There is not a single 2,200 people in recorded case of a the U.S. die from fatal marijuana alcohol poisoning overdose. You would every year. need to consume You're about ,000 times one the amount of TCH in butt-chug away a joint to die from it. from the morgue.

Source: CDC 

CRACKED VS THE BIG C MARIJUANA ALCOHOL mean Marijoant CRACKED.COM Marijuana does not Alcohol is increase the risk of associated with developing cancer. liver, esophagus, Research has colon, lung, found that marijuana stomach, users had fewer cases of pancreas, and cancer compared prostate cancer. to non-users.

CRACKED VS POLITICS MARIJUANA ALCOHOL LIVE Only 8% of the U.S. The American public think it Alcohol Industry should not be legal contributed $237 for medical or million in political recreational use, spending between and yet even 2017 and 2020, Democratic officials which drives policy are slow to adopt and influences the mindset. elected leaders.

Source: Pew 

CRACKED VS FINAL VERDICT: If both weed and alcohol were illegal today, we'd all agree that alcohol is the more dangerous drug and deserves to stay criminalized. So, 420 blaze it. For your health CRACKED.COM

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