Marijuana: Then Vs Now

Taking a look at the journey of the devil's lettuce.
Marijuana: Then Vs Now

Marijuana. Depending on your age, it was seen as “The Devil's Lettuce," an unfairly vilified versatile herb, or a good time at college. Over recent years, “jazz cabbage” has transformed into an after-school special warning to something cancer patients need to keep food down to something to fend off granddad's knee pain.

A lot has changed regarding marijuana within a generation's time, and not just the plants legality. The THC potency of the drug has gone from mild to scientifically modified purity. The tools and technology used to enjoy weed have significantly changed, too. Hell, the stereotypical stoned and slow hippie pothead has evolved into obsessive dude-bros that talk different marijuana strains like they're Magic: The Gathering playing cards. 

Still, having weed enthusiasts being annoying is a much better outcome than continued criminalization. Here are some of the big differences in weed culture from back then versus what it looks like now.


SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now STRENGTH AFW 4I5A Your mom and dad and If YOU inhale for more than their hippie friends could 1 full second on your roll a half pound of weed friend's vape pen, Your into a joint the size of a friends will have to mummy's arm and drive operate your limbs like a straight to Dairy Queen marionette for the rest of no problem. the night. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now DEALER Hope YOU like hanging out Time for a conversation with a dude that burns with Devon about THC more incense than calories percentages that will make and is sure the moon YOU need the weed twice landing is faked, but that as much. Plus, even worse, the X-Files is a YOU may have to say the documentary. word budtender. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now STONERS HUZ LE You're probably gonna just Turns out it was all a trick, listen to a lot of slow and legalizing weed just heavy metal or 70s rock, brought in even MORE and then go to 7-Eleven. annoying weed guys. The number one topic to Yes, I'd love to hear the avoid is probably weed difference between indica legalization. and sativa... again. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now PARAPHEROALIA Papers, blunts, bowls or What up dude! Time to do bongs were pretty much some weed! HERE, just use Your choices. It was SO this propane torch to heat simple that headshops had up the quartz banger and to get 14 different types of then use this dabber to Bart Simpson bong just to apply the shatter to the fill the shelf real estate. nail and then pass out! CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now APPEARANCE OK dude, looks like we've This nug of weed is SO got a little bit left here... heavily crystallized that I oh wait... my bad. This isn't can use it to split a beam the weed, it's like some of light into every color in dust stuck to a piece of the spectrum. Birds try to fried chicken. I mean, I'm steal it because it looks down if YOU are. like a Faberge Egg. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now EDIBLES My friend Greg made some What were YOU looking for brownies for the concert. today? We have a full CBD Just make sure to chase glazed rotisserie chicken them or you'll throw up designed for pain relief, because they taste like and also we have a gummy ass. How much weed is in bear that will send YOU to them? Uhh..... yes? the emergency room. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now CLOTHING MUMBLEHUSTLER Welcome to Spencer's Welcome to Herbaceous Gifts! We heard that you're Farms' official merch site! 17 Years old and not really 10% of every purchase sure what Your personality goes towards sending is yet. May I recommend a weed to starving children, button-down shirt of Goku which we are now being smoking weed? told is making it worse. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now SAFETY MOM GRASS ROWED Hey man, my usual guy ran I can tell YOU the exact dry, SO I talked to my contents of this pre-rolled cousin, YOU know, the one blunt down to the that's currently in hiding? MILLIGRAM. The label on He hooked US up. It smells these is more detailed like formaldehyde which than the label on any hot means it's good, I think? dog You've ever eaten. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now LEGALITY How dare YOU smoke the Hey, coppers! Look at me, devil's lettuce in a public smoking a doob! Take that! park! Hope YOU didn't like And the taxes I paid on this voting! Why don't YOU weed? That's right, they release your stress like an pay your salary! And pay to upstanding American, by keep people jailed for prior driving drunk! weed convictions! Wait. CRACKED.COM
SMOKING WEED THEN VS. now PUBLICITY Your mom found your You come home for collection of Cheech and Thanksgiving and Your Chong VHS tapes and hired aunt bought a six-pack of your techie neighbor to THC-infused flavored block KaZaA on your iMac seltzers because Gwyneth SO YOU can't download Paltrow drank one during Snoop Dogg MP3s. an appearance on Ellen. CRACKED.COM


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