Thailand Is Giving Out Free Weed Plants, Nice

And they deliver? Double nice.
Thailand Is Giving Out Free Weed Plants, Nice

Weed is nowhere near the boogeyman it used to be these days. The times of Reefer Madness and Truth ads where a dog begs his owner to stop smoking are long gone. More and more states are decriminalizing or altogether legalizing weed, and in places like Los Angeles and Denver it’s a scene that can practically go toe-to-toe with traditional bars. In years past, Amsterdam was unique in its approach and known for its legal marijuana, but it’s no longer so unusual. One country that’s in the process of legalizing weed is Thailand.

However, Thailand is doing one new thing that IS noteworthy, not to mention absolutely cool as hell. Their public health minister has announced that with the legalization of weed coming up, the government will be distributing 1 million cannabis plants for home cultivation, absolutely free. That is going to be one hell of a day. First off, weed becomes legal, and then a dude is going to show up at my door with a brand new weed plant that I can stick in the corner of my living room? Hell yes. The only way that could be better is if they made the cops deliver it and apologize for being dicks.

woman with marijuana plant
Me tending to my brand new Thai government weed.

Now, I’m no horticulturist, and I’m not going to pretend to know the exact quantity and frequency with which marijuana plants bear the form I’m used to seeing off-plant and in-bag. But as long as that’s not “zero” and “never” I feel like having your own personal weed plant would be sick. You could name it, and each of your friends could have a slightly different type that you could swap. Heading off for a day in nature? Just grab the shears you probably leave stuck in the dirt next to the plant and snip off a generous nug to tote along.

Weed legalization is still an evolving process, and there’s many things that should still be considered, especially freeing people serving needless punitive, decades long prison sentences for possession of marijuana. But everyone getting a personal marijuana plant delivered to their door? That would be a decent consolation prize.

Top Image: NBT/Pixabay


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