Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson is hardly the first high-performance athlete who has inhaled the sacred herb. Lots of people seem prone to grandiose and exaggerated statements about the effects of smoking the green stuff. On the one hand, opponents say nonsense. On the other, proponents have some rather large claims as to the benefits. When it comes down to it, it’s just an enjoyable activity with some upsides and a few downsides. But when it comes to the world of sports, with all its rules and such, it seems there’s one central question: is the devil’s lettuce a performance enhancing substance? Well, based on this collection of stoney statements from stacks of sportsters struggling to steer their way through situations with strict restrictions on cannabis in competition, it certainly can be for some. And it also reminds us of how many loveable stoners Vancouver has given us over the years. Thank you Canada!

CRACKED.COM Honesty about the benefits of marijuana use, and three positive drug tests, cost Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams both his NFL career and his gig as a Paxil spokesperson. BA DO ORTS Marijuana is 10 times better for me than Paxil.

Source: Beyond THC

CRACKED.COM Mark Stepnoski, two-time Super Bowl champion, came out as a cannabis user after retirement, and served as President of Texas NORML. After a game you need something to relax. I'd rather smoke than take painkillers.

Source: Rambler News

CRACKED.COM Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati blamed 'second hand smoke' for a positive cannabis test after winning gold at the 1998 Olympics in Japan. I felt like I was OK to still visit my friends and pass the joint to the next guy and not have the puff.

Source: CBC News

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Dana Larsen thinks smoking weed is better for your brain than contact sports. He’s the author of several stoner storybooks including Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone. He tweets a lot at twitter.com/DanaLarsen.

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