Space: the raddest frontier. Home to lightsabers, the Na'vi, and a whole planet that serves as Jeff Goldblum's red light district. What's not to love! Is it the billionaires in space? Yeah, nobody likes babysitting the billionaires in space. Nah, we're here to talk about cool stuff, like how growing up reading what our dads called “too many” sci-fi books might solve real problems. Or how it seems like space researchers are horror movie fans, just like us. 

But maybe cool your jets on intergalactic planetary living for now (you've probably got space travel all wrong anyway). Humanity might be on the cusp of a new age of space travel, but we enough scary facts about space to keep us groundbound, for now. Plus, we're particular about our tools. That said, we are creatures of the internet—put cats in space, and we'll be right there with them.

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