The Space Force's Jungle Camo Uniforms Really Suck

Perfect for hiding behind space trees.
The Space Force's Jungle Camo Uniforms Really Suck

Greg Daniels, the creator of the U.S. version of The Office, has been working on a sitcom about the US military's newly minted sixth branch, the United States Space Force. It's set to debut on Netflix sometime in 2020. That means they're probably already filming, likely with better uniforms than the recently unveiled ones to be used by the real-life Space Force.

Jungle camo.

For the Space Force.

The official Space Force Twitter account insists that they're using current Army/Air Force jungle-patterned uniforms for a couple of reasons: First, as a cost-saving measure (you do want to be seen as budget-conscious before you're accused of wasting $10 trillion on a Death Star), and second, so the members look more like their other military counterparts, instead of a bunch of dorks wearing nebula shirts or something.

The Space Force's Jungle Camo Uniforms Really Suck
"Looks like I won't be a virgin for long thanks to Granny's Amazon gift card."

They probably figure: they're not even in space, so why risk the wedgies (both self-inflicted and otherwise) that Starfleet uniforms would surely bring? And nothing blends into strip mall office environs like jungle camo.

But here we are, yukking it up -- laughing at the laziness of the uniforms, the silliness of the name, and how all of this began as one of the most unhinged flights of fancy to slop out of Trump's slurring mouth -- while the real Space Force will probably nuke a country one day and make us all look like monsters.

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