13 Terrifying Space Facts That Makes Us Love Earth

13 Terrifying Space Facts That Makes Us Love Earth

Have you ever heard of Debris? It is abundant in space. Even though most is innocuous to us on Earth, it's terrifying to realize that only a 0.6-mile-wide rock can endanger the existence of our entire species. Relatively small rocks, as small as 130 feet across, could even cause cataclysmic damage to our planet. Fortunately, scientists can keep an eye on the horizon for possible threats and take every precaution.

Humans ultimately want to get rid of interstellar space because it's too dark and frightening, and all of it out there is out to kill us. Nonetheless, several of our most famous billionaires appear to believe that pushing up humanity into space is a more feasible long-term survival technique than actually attempting a little hard to save the blue planet we already have. 

Then they might look over the following mysterious and utterly terrifying space truth, which again will make you glad you are living on the good old planet Earth.

The United States Government has confirmed the existence of UFOs. A report released in 2021 confirms the sighting of 144 instances- but doesn't confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

A storm on Neptune could swallow the entire Earth. Storms on Saturn can reach up to 1600 miles an hour- a pace that could easily swallow Earth whole. CRACKED.COM

Source: Nasa

Space will change your DNA. NASA NASA discovered this by comparing the DNA of astronaut Scott Kelly to that of his twin brother, Mark. After a year in space, Scott's genes had been altered by 7%- effectively making the twins non-identical. CRACKED.COM

Source: Salon


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