We aren't here to pass judgment. Let us be clear: we are not here to pass judgment on you. It's actually our job to judge a variety of things, such as movies, television shows, sweets, and other Cracked-related items. But why should we have all the fun, we reasoned?

We thought it was past time for us to hear from you. After all, you've demonstrated that your instincts are often spot-on.

So we wondered: is the stuff that everyone thinks is so fantastic actually so great? There is an abundance of extremely popular entertainment available. People carve out chunks of their lives to binge-watch something or listen to podcasts about something that ended ten years ago.

The point is, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good. We challenged our readers to create better, lesser-known versions of well-known games, music, books, and other pop culture classics.

The greatest is at the bottom, but first, here are the runners-up:

Entry by AM Smiley

One fun thing about zero gravity is that you get taller. And it hurts like crazy. The human spine is a very nerve-dense part of your body, and stretch

Entry by AM Smiley

If the Hubble has taught us anything it's that space is surprisingly colorful. Actually, maybe not. The Hubble doesn't have a color camera. The images

Entry by AM Smiley

Ah, the beautiful, vast emptiness of spaceo Except around the Earth. That's filled with garbage. There are about 5,500 tons of space junk up above our

Entry by AM Smiley

You probably think of astronauts as the picture of health. But the truth is, they're screwed if they get sick. Strike one: The immune system grows wea

Entry by AM Smiley

Astronauts' lives are very structured. Right down to mandatory recreation time. The crew on the Skylab 4 mission got So stressed-out and overextended

Entry by AM Smiley

If you went to the Moon, the most awesome part would be the dark side. Sorry, no. It doesn't exist. It's true that the moon has one side facing the Ea

Entry by AM Smiley

Don't go anywhere near a black hole. Itll Hoover you up lke a dust bunny Except they still have to obey the laws of physics. Black holes are not irres

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