A voice spoke into the void. An era—it was called “the 80s”—was coming to an end. Beyond was the unknown. Then one single word—one, not seven—rang out: “Seinfeld.” Thus was Seinfeld, king of 90s sitcoms, born unto prime time. 

Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer Bad Samaritan-ed through our lives for nine seasons, packing quite the cultural punch while they were at it. People argue to this very day that Jerry's apartment is physically impossible. Characters like the Soup Nazi or Steinbrenner were real people-turned-cultural touchstones thanks to their proximity to Larry David, Jerry, and their weird writing process. Or, in Steinbrenner's case, being a baseball guy.

And yep, here at Cracked, we're still talking about Seinfeld. Was Newman really a villain? Does Seinfeld love breakfast more than Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad? Did we know Jason Alexander is a Broadway-trained singer? We leave no stone unturned here. Escape from your own void and into a comedy club with a proper exposed brick wall and dive into our Seinfeld research here:


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