Seinfeld's George Costanza Would Be Staying With His Parents Right Now, Jason Alexander Says


It's been roughly 23 years since we last caught a glimpse of George Costanza on Seinfeld, incarcerated in a holding cell with Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer before being shipped off to prison for breaking a good samaritan law, leaving fans with one burning question -- What, exactly has Costanza been up to for the past quarter-ish-century? Well, in true Seinfeld fashion, it seems the answer is a whole lot of nothing, at least according to Jason Alexander, who recently spoke with Us Weekly about the shenanigans his iconic character has gotten up to since 1998's “The Finale."

“I mean, you’re assuming he got out of prison?” the actor joked when asked about his character's 2021 whereabouts. “You’d have to think today, because apparently, he made all his money. If you saw the Curb reunion, he made all his money with the iToilet app and then lost it to Bernie Madoff,” he said, referencing the snippet of his character's post-Seinfeld fate as depicted in a 2009 episode of the Larry David series.

Considering his pyramid-scheme inflicted financial hardship, it seems Costanza is handling these “uncertain times” (a.k.a the Covid-19 pandemic) in the George-est way possible – holing up in his childhood bedroom while quarantining with his parents, Frank and Estelle. “My imagining is that George is probably quarantined in with his parents and refuses to leave the room,” Alexander speculated of how his character would navigate the pandemic. "He only eats through some sort of food app and will not come out of his room.”

Considering his father's penchant for hypochondria, it seems neither Festivus inventor, Frank nor his mother, Estelle would not be coping too well either. “His parents are wearing 15 masks,” Alexander said of his on-screen family. “He was crazy about Lupus, imagine what he’d do with COVID. He would not be weathering this pandemic very well, I’m sure!” 

So Costanza family, in the impossible chance you're reading this, remember -- "Serenity Now!"

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