Swords. Good Lord, do we love swords here. It’s the coolest, most popular weapon and/or tool ever invented. Every hero worth their salt has one. Samurai, knights, JEDI??! Gah, all the coolest people have swords. Remember that badass from Lord Of The Rings? Eowyn? When she breaks out a surprise sword and kills a villain so impossibly evil he doesn't have a face is named “THE WITCH KING?” Swords! Swords are so cool! Man, sorry, we lost our minds for a little bit. No seriously, we got our toy lightsabers out and went and played in the backyard for a while. We are in no way joking, and only God can judge us.


Anyway we’re sure you can name at least five epic blades off the top of your head. And yet, pervasive as swords are in popular culture, we barely know anything about them. Oh yes, we think we know a lot -- but much of that is wrong. That’s what happens when you get your facts from movies, traveling bards, or websites that aren’t Cracked.

But we’re here to fix that. Here, let us hone your knowledge with these edgy facts.

Rapiers aren't light, nimble swords. Inigo Montoya makes his sword look pretty much weightless, but historical rapiers are in the same weight range as medieval longswords- about 2.5-4 pounds.

Source: Arms & Armor

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