Movie Weapons

Movie Weapons

From lightsabers to throwing stars to Falcon's wingsuit (which would be a useful way to travel, assuming you're already a corpse), movies weapons are Hollywood's way of saying, “In a better world, a pair of plutonium-powered murder trousers will not earn you a one-way trip to a CIA black site.”

In fact, it's a well-documented fact that Hollywood doesn't know guns work, so maybe we shouldn't expect them to understand the real-world ramifications of Wolverine's adamantium skeleton. And even though the laws of physics prevent most Tinseltown weaponry from doing anything except securing a picnic blanket on a blustery spring day, that hasn't stopped fans from trying to make Thor's hammer IRL

Here are some of Cracked's favorite articles on everything from what it's like to be a Hollywood armorer to stupid gun myths we believe thanks to movies. (And if anybody manages to invent a disco ball that doubles as a 360-degree death ray, know that we told our lawyers to "shut up and just sign all of the checks.")

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