15 Actors Who Got Ridiculously Good With Movie Weapons

When you're an actor, your job might just include getting good at killing.
15 Actors Who Got Ridiculously Good With Movie Weapons

Movies, like real life, are full of violence. But it’s the fun kind of violence, full of gizmos whose main job is to look cool. This week, we’re taking a close look at those wonderful toys, seeing what makes them so memorable ... and what makes them so ridiculous.

Eventually you pick up a thing at whatever job you work at. It’s why people who work at Amazon are amazing in bed, and why Cracked employees are so supremely well versed in the “Uhm, actually…” school of Socratic debate. But if you’re a mainstream actor, odds are that what you’re excellent at is killing… and in some cases, it’s not just pretending. With all the fencing and the sword fighting classes, the shooting practice, and the throwing sharp objects at bad guys until they stop walking toward you all menacingly courses, it really isn’t surprising that so many performers are a bit more dangerous than they let on. Sometimes more than a bit. Really, it seems they’re all method acting! Just with, you know, fighting and violence rather than with staying up all night to “appear” sleep deprived or talking in an accent even when the camera isn’t rolling. 

Unsurprisingly, Keanu Reeves is one of the better gunmen in the entertainment business

KEANU REEVES can really shoot. At a certain point after John Wick, Speed, Point Blank, The Matrix, The Bad Matrix Sequels, probably not My Own Private Idaho, Keanu learned to become a professional-level shooter.

Source: AccurateShooter.com

Cary Elwes was so good, his scene was over too fast

CARY ELWES was too good with a sword. To prepare for filming the fight in Princess Bride, Elwes trained for months whenever filming didn't need him, and ended up being so good his main duel was over too quickly. Fencing academies now show his duel with Inigo Montoya in classes.

Source: Vanity Fair

Hailee Steinfeld became an archer for a show that does not even use arrows

HAILEE STEINFELD became a real archer. For the role of Hawkeye people give a damn about, Steinfeld learned to become a professional archer. Perhaps not used to the idea that CGI is King, she was a bit disappointed to learn that all her work was for nothing, as MCU bows don't shoot real arrows.

Source: Distractify

Michelle Pfeiffer got better with her whip than the stunt actress

MICHELLE PFEIFFER could crack a whip better than her stuntwoman. Catwoman: leather, whip, claws. While Michele feiffer already seemed great at the first and didn't get great at the latter, her whip skills in Batman Returns were nothing to meow about. She turned out to be better with the whip than the stunt actor.

Source: Insider

Tom Cruise’s gun technique is shown in firearm classes

TOM CRUISE is a gun teacher (sort of). Cruise's handling of guns in Collateral is so good, it's shown in firearm classes.

Source: YouTube

Princess Bride made Mandy Patinkin an expert

MANDY PATINKIN is a textbook example of swordfighting. Despite The Princess Bride being where it was most prominent, Patinkin had already learned fencing at Juilliard. Не then spent two months straight retraining, eight hours a day. Fencing academies now show his duel with the Man in Black in classes.

Source: Vanity Fair

Angelina Jolie is amazing at knife throwing

ANGELINA JOLIE throws knives to relax. Tomb Raider was good for one person: Angelina Jolie. That's where she became a practiced knife- thrower. She uses it as stress relief, which is great for her and horrifying for anyone near her.

Source: China Daily

Danai Gurira still trains with her sword after mastering it during The Walking Dead

DANAI GURIRA mastered the blade. Gurira mastered sword-fighting - although maybe not to quite the same degree as her character - over an intense amount of training before The Walking Dead, and years more during theater college. She even frequently practices it as part of her daily exercises.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Basil Rathbone excelled at fencing, and even taught others

BASIL RATHBONE was a fencing master. Zorro and British Army Fencing Champ are two fun things Rathbone could list on his resume. Не received training to go to war, which allowed him to become a teacher to other famous swordsmen.

Source: BasilRathbone.net

Errol Flynn learned the sword from masters

ERROL FLYNN was a sword dancer. One of the most famous swashbucklers of all time, Flynn was as good with a sword as he appeared to be, being taught by masters. Не performed his own stunts and was called the dueling Fred Astaire.

Source: The Rake

Chloë Grace Moretz became a butterfly knife expert

CHLOË GRACE MORETZ could stab you with a butterfly knife. Kick-Ass probably would've pissed off America even more if they learned that the cursing, head- chopping thirteen-year old got amazingly good with a butterfly knife. Or maybe not, considering then she could stab any creeps who come at her now.

Source: HuffPost


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