Jerry Seinfeld's 'Seinfeld' Apartment Is Physically Impossible, Reddit Argues

It seems Jerry's apartment was in a Bizarro world all along ...
Jerry Seinfeld's 'Seinfeld' Apartment Is Physically Impossible, Reddit Argues

Well, folks, it seems Kramer was right -- Jerry Seinfeld is actually a very fancy boy, so fancy that he can apparently defy the laws of basic architecture and physics alike, as evident through the bizarro design of his iconic Upper West Side apartment in his eponymous '90s sitcom.

Earlier this week, Reddit user u/PixelMagic made a shocking discovery -- based on an intricately detailed overhead rendering of Jerry's beloved bachelor pad, the apartment cannot exist as depicted in the show, the unit's extended kitchen drastically bisecting the line of his hallway, much to the disappointment of Redditors everywhere. 

“Only Kryptonian tech could explain that phantom hallway, which means, maybe, just maybe, when people walk down it, they’re actually in the Phantom Zone,” wrote one user. “This is infuriating," chimed in another. 

Although Seinfeld is not particularly known for its continuity, featuring several errors over the course of its nine-season run (including what floor Jerry actually lived on), fans still attempted to justify the snafu, citing other dimension-related issues ("Neither can a 12" deep side by side refrigerator,") and questioning what goes on beyond the camera's typical scope ("There could be the staircases or an elevator.")

One popular theory? Debating if his hallway took a sharp turn shortly after. While technically they are correct in asserting such a twist is physically possible, a design like that would not only make for an extremely strange architectural segmentation but would seemingly contradict other depictions of Jerry's building. On season 8's “The Soul Mate,” Jerry finds himself chasing his arch-nemesis, Newman, through the halls of their building, a pursuit notably beginning outside of Jerry and Kramer's apartments. As Newman takes off with Jerry following close behind, both appear to head straight down a long corridor, with a second shot showing the two appearings to run straight ahead. 

So folks, although learning our favorite 90s apartment is all a sham may be a jarring and heartbreaking experience, we must remember George Costanza's words of wisdom in these trying times – “… just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

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