In an alternate dimension, Tony Shaloub and Larry David are getting on Jerry Seinfeld's nerves as Kramer and Newman.

The studio audience had to be told to keep applause for Kramer short. CRACKED.COM As his character became more popular, the applause that followed his introduction would be SO prolonged that the rest of the cast would complain it threw off the pacing of scenes.

Source: Cheatsheet

Multiple television networks worked their programming around the airing of the finale. TV LAND EAST COAST HEADQUARTERS We're we're watching the last Fans episode TV of Seinfeld SO... Will return at The series finale was such an event that TV Land honored the occasion by airing no programming during the show's timeslot, instead showing only a photo of a closed office door.

Source: TV Land

Characters weren't allowed to be better people. is Ho Seinfeld co-creator Larry David's philosophy for the show was to never have the main cast learn from their wrongdoings or grow in any way. He called this policy, which was ever present in the storylines of the show, no hugging, no learning.

Source: The Guardian 

The fake Kramer actually wanted to be Kramer. Although he didn't get the role of Kramer when he auditioned at the start of the series, actor Larry Hankin did get to star as Kramer in the failed show-within-a-show, Jerry.

Source: Vulture

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