Cracked VS: Friends vs. Seinfeld

What is the best NYC ensemble sitcom from the 90’s?
Cracked VS: Friends vs. Seinfeld

What is the best sitcom that came out of the '90s? Let's put two of the heaviest hitters in the ring and see who comes out on top: the schmaltzy FRIENDS (hereafter referred to as "Friends" because that is insane) or Seinfeld that spent 10 years with no hugging and no learning?

The long-running sitcom Seinfeld has been praised for its clever writing and sharp wit. However, some critics argue that the show is actually a commentary on the superficiality of human relationships. The main characters, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are often selfish and insensitive to the needs of others. They frequently manipulate their friends and acquaintances for personal gain. Even when they are not actively trying to hurt someone, they often unintentionally cause pain through their thoughtlessness. In contrast, the characters on the sitcom Friends are much more supportive of one another. They may have their differences, but they are always there for each other in times of need. As a result, Friends provides a more realistic and hopeful portrayal of friendship than Seinfeld.

CRACKED VS MAIN CAST FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Six friends The worst four (hey, that's the people in the Tri of the State area, until name It's Always show!) trying Sunny in to make it in Philadelphia the Big Apple. was created. WINNER: NOSTALGIA
CRACKED VS THE FEMALE LEAD FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Rachel is a Elaine is a no spoiled rich girl nonsense Girl Boss becomes who how who learns increasingly jaded to take care of about herself and put relationships, jobs, others first. and life in general. WINNER: HAIRSTYLISTS
CRACKED VS THE DUMMY FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Joey is an Kramer is a aspiring actor hipster doofus and shallow that is cursed ladies man, and with the Kavorka, Phoebe is a a mystical aura creative hippie that makes him that may BE Too irresistible to Dumb To Live. women. WINNER: FRIENDS
CRACKED VS SECONDARY CHARACTERS FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Gunther, a Newman, a barista who maladapted definitely postal worker that is, despite had bodies in his searing his hatred for Jerry, basement. quite merry. WINNER: SEINFELD
CRACKED VS MARRIAGE FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM The series begins George's fiancee after Rachel runs Susan was a out of her own walking I hate wedding. Ross and my wife Boomer Rachel get married trope and was while drunk in Vegas, resulting in killed off by quick divorce. poison envelopes. a WINNER: MEN'S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS
CRACKED VS MAIN CAST ROMANCE FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Ross and Jerry and Rachel's constant Elaine will they won't they drama is proved you arguably the can still be worst part of the friends after series, and they just kept doing it. a breakup. WINNER: SEINFELD
CRACKED VS LIVING SITUATIONS FRIENDS SEINFELD tift CRACKED.COM The cast lived Kramer was on together, 3 strike and roommates in without 2 a job for small the apartments, vast majority of the series, but while their lived alone and careers had ups never struggled and downs. financially. WINNER: FRIENDS
CRACKED VS HANG OUT SPOT FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Central Perk, the Monk's was a trendy java joint classic NYC that always had dinner, with it's plush couch rubber bands in open for them to their soup and plant themselves occasionally very down on all day. chesty waitresses. WINNER: SEINFELD
CRACKED VS PETS FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Marcel, the George had a capuchin monkey, hamster we taught the audience it's a never met or good idea to keep heard a single an exotic primate in a New York mention of. City apartment. WINNER: SEINFELD
CRACKED VS OTHER SHOWS FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM Joey follows The Seinfeld Matt LeBlanc's Curse followed dimwitted most of the cast, character in unable a to escape the of new city, popularity which lasted the show for a for 2 long time. seasons. WINNER: ANYONE WITHOUT A TV
CRACKED VS REUNION FRIENDS SEINFELD CRACKED.COM The star-studded The only way hosted by Seinfeld event, was ever going to have a James Corden, reunion was if it serves more as a was a total farce, as retrospective 17 it was on the Curb Your Enthusiasm years after the show within a finale. show. WINNER: SEINFELD
CRACKED V3 WINNER: SEINFELD .COM Seinfeld reigns supreme as the definitive 90's, multicam, ensemble sitcom filmed in front of a live studio audience based in NYC featuring mostly white people.


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