'Seinfeld' Won't Be Streaming Anywhere For The Next Several Months

For the next several months, the show about nothing will be streaming nowhere.
'Seinfeld' Won't Be Streaming Anywhere For The Next Several Months

Well Seinfeld fans, if you, much like George Costanza, dreamt of becoming hopeless without your favorite show over the next few months, it seems your bizarre, possibly phone operator-flirtation-induced wish may soon come true. Yep, thanks to Netflix, this summer will not be one of George, as in a strange, cruel twist of fate, the show about nothing will be streaming nowhere for the foreseeable future. 

Set to leave its longtime home of Hulu on June 23 as a part of a broader switch over to Netflix, the series will not immediately appear on the streaming service or any other platform for the next several months, making our only rewatching option cracking open that dusty, DVD Seinfeld boxed set you haven't touched since 2010. That said, this absence is likely set to be temporary. According to Vulture, “industry insiders familiar with the situation" have suggested that the series will remain in streaming purgatory throughout the rest of the summer before debuting on Netflix later this fall, “September at the earliest."

Scooping up the beloved IP for an estimated $500 million in 2019, per Vanity Fair, it is unclear why, exactly, Netflix is Van-delaying bringing back the beloved sitcom, however, as Vulture noted, there are several theories about why the company may be taking this unconventional approach. Aside from giving the platform's marketing team a few extra months to craft a marketing campaign that is sure to be spong-- sorry, subscriber-worthy, temporarily removing Seinfeld from the highly competitive streaming wars, could help garner even more excitement for its eventual return to the internet.

Furthermore, the outlet also speculates that this delay could be intentional, pushing back the series premiere to coincide with another original, Seinfeld-related piece of content – a reunion, a stand-up special from one of the series many cast members, a guided meditation video featuring George Costanza screaming “SERENITY NOW!,” yada, yada, yada, the possibilities are endless. 

So folks, although it may be a long summer without George, Jerry, Elaine, or Kramer, it seems we'll likely be giving the series a kiss hello before we know it. 

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