Come on, this is a comedy site. You knew this was coming, we knew this was coming, so let's just get this out of the way: whomsoever smelt it didstsoever dealt it, okay? That was the 11th commandment God gave to Moses, the tablet just dropped. Like a fart you knew you shouldn't have trusted.

And while flatulence may something so funny even the most clueless of babies giggle when they cut one, butt-trumpeting has had its affect on history. Adolf Hitler could not stop farting, just air-pooping his pants all the dang time, so much so he had to hire a fart doctor. You know, real master race behavior. Farting has been instrumental in women's rights, at least as instrumental as any point argued by Jonathan Swift. And of course, who could forget the role Rudy Guliani's farts played in Donald Trump's failed coup? Boy, the 21st century's off to a stinky start, huh? 

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