Backstreet Boys Need You To Know About Their Farts

They basically farted in your ear.
Backstreet Boys Need You To Know About Their Farts

"Drunk with power" doesn't come close to what it must feel like to have a captive audience and suddenly way too much time on your hands. Some people are handling it by revealing that they were secret performance art geniuses all along, while others, like AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, are apparently just kind of sitting around remembering funny things that happened one time. This week, the cloud of nostalgia he presumably lives in rudely ordered him to tell everyone about the time fellow Boy Howie Dorough farted while recording their 2001 single "The Call" and everyone thought it was so funny that they turned it into the bass line of the song.

Honestly, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that any given 2000s-era pop song was literally made out of farts, but that's pretty weird, right? The Backstreet Boys basically farted in your ear. Not only that, they then took pains to ensure that you wouldn't notice they had farted in your ear so they could lord it over you later. That's some serial killer shit.

This isn't the first time they've brought it up, either. Dorough told the story to Billboard in 2017 in an effort to convince people that Backstreet Boys recording sessions were just like a Judd Apatow movie, full of drinking and farting and other very cool things. Apparently, it didn't get enough headlines for them at the time, and they really need you to know that they watched you bob your head to the sound of their farts for 20 years. Maybe we shouldn't have made fun of their dancing so much back then. We've clearly created a pack of farting Hannibal Lecters.

Manna promises to be honest about farting in your ear on Twitter.

Top image: Sony Music


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