The Mockumentary Emerging From January Jones's Instagram Is Legit Art

Apparently, she's been a surrealist comedy genius this whole time.
The Mockumentary Emerging From January Jones's Instagram Is Legit Art

Depending on how quickly you typically scroll down to the "Personal life" section of a celebrity's Wikipedia page, January Jones is either best known for freezing viewers' nipples off as Betty Draper on Mad Men or mothering a mysteriously but definitely famously fathered child. Until recently, her social media presence reflected such a lifestyle: photos from shoots, videos from glamorous events, typical Hollywood stuff. But about a month ago, as the actress presumably found herself with a lot more time on her hands, things started getting ... weird. Apparently, Jones is using this time to indulge in her secret passion: bizarre performance art.

Once you get past the mask, which would be creepy even if it wasn't emitting an angry red light, in the above piece, titled "Skin: 5," you realize it's not even the weirdest thing about the video. The sweatpants, the Coors Light, the environmentally friendly reusable straw, and the mask -- that cost more than three months of your rent -- all come together to say something about wealth and celebrity, it's just not clear what. Unsettling masks are a recurring motif in her body of work, as seen in a later video in which she dons a fancy robe to sweep her foyer hilariously ineffectively.

Next, she excitedly shared her discovery of a hidden talent uncovered by the impulse purchase of tap shoes following a viewing of Annie. Spoiler: She's so bad she scares the dog that's always wandering around in the background.

A week later, Jones appeared in her garden in another fancy robe, dramatically whining about construction noise to her son, the video's "director." She gives us a stationary tour of the garden, which includes "some rosemary here and some roses, and this ... nice bush is ... um ... I didn't plant them," while her son urges her to emote.

Her most recent installment is another terrible but impressively straight-faced dance routine. This time, it's ballet, and it's to the Jurassic Park theme.

This appeared to be the last straw for Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks.

actually christinahendricks o What is actually happening? 2d 435 likes Reply

We can only hope that Jones' reply is the only thing here that's not a fantastic joke.

januaryjones @actuallychristinahendrick I'm bored and S documenting my full breakdown for everyone. Later there will be a documentary about it on @net

Manna's Twitter is also bizarre performance art.

Top Image: January Jones/Instagram


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