Instagram: the place where popes ogle sideboob. Besides being the place where The Holy See gets to see, it's also the reason we know the name Dan Bilzerian, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Instagram.’ Whoosh, off to a bad start, surely we'll say something positive about this app soon. Hmmm. Drake started following a troll's wife, which is…well, that was kind of a gross story all around. Gee whiz, accentuate the positive, guys, let's get it together! Okay, trying again: IG influencers definitely make the world a better place…ah nards, misread the title. Instagram influencers make the world a dumber place. Lordy, this isn't going well. Wait! A fur catalog followed one of our writers and it was super educational! Yes! We did it! Thank Zuck for fur catalogs, amirite?

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