Drake Flipped Out On A Troll And Followed His Wife On Instagram

Drake Flipped Out On A Troll And Followed His Wife On Instagram

Here on the internet, people can be mean. Anyone who’s ever entered or posted in any sort of online forum that allows discussion or replies will learn that real fast. If you’re a celebrity, you become a bit of a lightning rod for all of these people as well, as trolling a celeb guarantees attention more than just sending mean messages to women on burner accounts or whatever their standard move is. How you deal with trolls is up to you, and there are multiple options. One, which is almost unfailingly the best option, is to just ignore them. Another option could be to do what Drake did, and absolutely flip out, follow their wife on Instagram, and then DM her.

I am not a fan of Drake. I haven’t been since he remixed a smaller artist’s surprise hit, then, after already releasing the song as “CHA CHA Remix,” removed the credit for the original artist DRAM and renamed it, so that there was no link to the original artist or song. That song was Hotline Bling, which did pretty well, and I’m sure DRAM would have appreciated the inclusion. There’s also of course his penchant for being best texting buds with teenage girls and his rampant bandwagoning of different sports teams by the month. To be honest, the guy seems like kind of a classic psycho who carves a heart into his shape-ups and pretends he’s a sensitive softboy casanova.


Drake when someone roasts him on social or when a teenage girl's mom takes away her phone privileges.

So when I saw headlines about Drake “clapping back” at a troll by following his wife and messaging her on instagram, I dutifully clicked through, somewhat in doubt that it was a real clap-back because Drake’s sense of humor seems like it sucks. So I wasn’t that surprised to see that Drake’s “epic clapback” was less a good joke and more a guy absolutely losing his s**t.

First of all, the “troll comment” wasn’t even really a troll, more just a roasting. Responding to a comment Drake made about how supportive he’d be of his son if he played basketball (thought he’d have to publicly acknowledge his own son first, probably) the user replied “ya son prolly play with ghostwriters”, a reference to the fact that Drake famously hires ghostwriters to write verses for him. (They’re very talented! Check out Nickelus F!)

Now for the big clapback! Drake followed the guy’s wife on Instagram and replied “I just followed your girl cause she’s probably miserable and needs some excitement in her life” and then DMed her “I’m here for you ma.” This is the IG version of ending a schoolyard roast battle with “I may be stupid but your mom is dead.” Whoa, buddy. The original comment wasn’t even really that mean, and definitely isn’t worth going nuclear over. If Drake had to read comments on a Cracked article he wrote, he’d probably be trying to climb through his laptop window with a gun.

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