Drake Just Can't Stop Texting Teenage Girls

The internet is calling Drake creepy, and I have to say the internet is right!
Drake Just Can't Stop Texting Teenage Girls

The internet is calling Drake creepy, and I have to say the internet is right! Congratulations, internet.

Recently, 17-year-old singer Billie Eilish was asked by Vanity Fair to name the most famous person in her phone. She listed a slew of names including Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, and Kid Cudi before finally landing on Drake. She then proceeded to gush about him saying he was, "The nicest dude I've ever spoken to," noting that they had only ever texted. Later on in the interview, when asked about the biggest thing to happen in her career that year, she jokingly responded, "I have Drake's phone number."

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This might not set off any alarm bells for the general public but if you, like me, have graduated from the school of Drake's Frequent Creep-Ass Behavior With Young Women Is Creepy State (Go Owls!) you'll want to fling yourself across the earth to take away Eilish's phone. You see, this isn't the first time Drake has gotten called out for texting a very young girl. Last year, then 14-year-old child-actor Millie Bobby Brown, (who plays Eleven on Stranger Things, because, once again, she is a child) told Access Hollywood that she and the 31-year-old Drake were good friends who often texted. When pressed about what they were texting about she responded, "About boys, he helps me."

Now Drake is known for mentoring other artists. He was famously mentored by Lil Wayne and passed on the tradition by bolstering the careers of other rappers like A$AP Rocky, Migos, and more. But do we really expect Millie Bobby Brown to be spitting hot bars anytime soon? Even if that was the case would it make it any less creepy that a random 31-year-old grown-ass man is giving her dating advice? I'll answer that: nope!

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When I first heard about Drake texting Millie Bobby Brown I thought I remembered a rumor about him meeting a girl when she was very young and dating her when she turned 18. This was Bella Harris, a model he was romantically linked to last year after she posted some cuddly pictures of the two of them on social media and he liked them. She's the daughter of a famous R&B producer and had modeled for Drake's clothing line when she was 16-years-old. The two later both denied the relationship happened. Wait, I'm sorry, it was actually Hailey Baldwin who he met when she was 14 and then was rumored to have dated when she was 19 and he was 29. Oh, no, no, sorry (again), it was actually Kylie Jenner whose sweet 16 he performed at and who he was recently rumored to be casually dating (she's 22 now and he's 33). None of these relationships were publicly confirmed, but if you were in Drake's position would you want them to be? No one wants to be labeled the Canadian R. Kelly.

Even if Drake never actually dated any of these girls, and was always just their "close friend" as he claimed, these stories do highlight the fact that he sure is friends with a LOT of teenage girls, huh? What is he getting out of these relationships? Does he have no one else to chat about BTS with?

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It seems to me if you're texting a teenage girl, and the whole world freaks out about how creepy it is, and a year later you're still texting other teenage girls, you're pretty freakin' invested in the "texting teenage girls" game, right? And these are all extremely privileged young girls - what's going on when the teenage girls who aren't famous hang around Drake?

Well, there is concert footage from 2010 when Drake was 23 of him pulling a young girl on stage, dancing with her, kissing her neck, then asking how old she is. When she responds 17 he makes a crack about going to jail before saying, "I don't know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest." Then he lightly kisses her twice on the forehead and once on the mouth.

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I think teenage girls are great. They're often mistreated and undervalued in our culture. That said, I still want Drake to stay the hell away from them. All of the people who are bending over backward to make Drake's apparent interest in these girls seem normal are not doing any favors to parents trying to keep adult men away from their teenage daughters. If these were all young female rappers and Drake was doing guest spots on their albums or producing them, you know, like what he's done when he mentored male artists, I would say great! Way to empower young women in your field Drake. But seriously, do you think he was texting Quavo about cute boys?

We can't all just pretend that it's not weird for Drake to want to casually hang out with people whose main concerns should be prom and homework when his are balding and getting caught hanging out with underage girls. It's weird, and I think it's important that we acknowledge it, so that if my 15-year-old cousin gets invited to Six Flags by her friend Megan's former stepdad, she's not going to think that's cool because "Look at Drake and Millie Bobby Brown, they're BFFs and it's perfectly normal!"

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