26 Huge Editing Errors You Didn't Notice in Famous Movies

Hollywood's film editors apparently think that between all those Milk Duds and popcorn, you wouldn't notice so some pretty unforgivable mistakes.
26 Huge Editing Errors You Didn't Notice in Famous Movies

Hollywood's film editors apparently think that between all those Milk Duds and popcorn, you wouldn't notice some pretty unforgivable mistakes.

Fortunately, this is the Internet. And like that time you were stripped naked and thrown into the girls locker room, every film (and its flaws) is subject to extreme scrutiny. Our readers brought you some of Hollywood's worst, and we gave $200 to the winner ...

CRACKEDcO COM MYN 8R05 Principal Rooney needs to cross this grass to reach the bus. 720  26180 6a Must have put this sidewalk in after he boarded? Poo
What! Josh!! I mean, who? Who's Josh? My name's Brand. Yessir. Brand. While the Goonies search for buried treasure in the basement of the diner, Mikey
'MEDEVAL MODERN In this classroom scene from Bill and Ted's Excellent EROPF ENLO Adventure, the spelling of MEDUERHICAN Goowey Genghis Kahn's RvA name
Maybe they did evolve into birds, Tim; that tyrannosaurus is flying right now... JURSS I mean, it didn't just climb this wall... from all the way down
Among Stifler's many talents is changing a clear beer cup.. into a blue beer cup!
CRACKEDCON COM Skateboard In the Amazing Spider-Man, this black guy attacks Peter Parker with a skateboard.... A..and then immediately turns into a wh
HOT FUZZ nnd THE mnCIC FIELD The climactic conclusion to the car chase sees Frank Butterman burst through a fence into a neighboring field and, after
26 Huge Editing Errors You Didn't Notice in Famous Movies
ANACONDA Right before the climax, there's a 4-second scene of the boat pulling away from a cliff. Not wanting to spend more money on such a brief shot
CRACKED COM spider-man (2002) Where the hell did this In the final fight scene, Goblin's glider is flying around thing from? somewhere come and all of
During the This was no boating accident! autopsy scene, Matt Hooper drops the line This is what happens... The line does not fit the dialogue befor
CRACKEDCON Gimli throws his axe at Gandalf Who promptly obliterates it Leaving him with only both of his axes
In MAN OF STEEL CRACKEDCON When Zod begins the process of terraforming Earth, a bus marked 6370 is blown sky high over Metropolis. :o00 15 minutes lat
If this is what Rajah tore off... ...Butt-cheeks. Disney should have shown butt-cheeks US
IN X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Magneto doesn't seem to be satisfied with the way he was stabbed considering he's rearranged the needles whilst falling dow
CRACKED.COM Darth Vader blasts R2-D2 in the dramatic finale of Star Wars. Cut to Luke Skywalker. Everything looks fine behind him. Cut back to R2. No
In the first Iron Man film, we see the arc reactor on the workbench in the cave, right before Tony turns... ...to show Yinsen the blueprints. But if t
In a swordfigbt at the end of DIE ANOTHER DAY Halle Berry is slashed across ber stomach. soon afterward. she and James Bond are having celebratory sex
As you can see, Ariel's feet are clearly bare when the shell containing her voice breaks on the deck. But immediately after her voice returns... Shoes
CRACKEDGON When The Joker and his gang are improving the works of art at Gotham's Flugelheim Museum, one of the goons is shown planting red handprin
Inthe Godfather... The windshield is clearly deskroyed on Sonny's car during his assassinalion. but is intact as he lays on the ground dead just a few
PUFT STAY At the moment The Ghostbusters unleash their proton packs, Stay Puft loses his trademark sailor's necktie.
Commando's amazing TWELVE SECONDS LATER regenerating Porsche
1999232 19392783 Lhen the T-800 and John breaH Sarah out of the hospital in Terrinator 2, the license plate nurnber on the police CrUiser they jach cr
In Braveheart. William Wallace leads the way in to the Battle of Stirling using little some sleight of hand. starting with this nifty axe.. which he

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