Pope Francis' Instagram Account 'Liked' Bikini Model's Steamy Selfie

Pope Francis' Instagram Account 'Liked' Bikini Model's Steamy Selfie

It's a tale as old as time, er, well, Instagram itself. It's 3 a.m. and you've somehow found yourself scrolling back through your crush's selfies, beach pics, and let's be honest, maybe even a thirst trap or two. Suddenly, disaster strikes! Your phone slips from your grip, plummeting towards your unsuspecting face. You spring to action, wrapping your thumb around your screen as you grasp your phone. You narrowly avoid a face full of Apple, but in your haste, you make a fatal error. You, reader, just 'liked' your crush's photo from three months ago. Well done. 

We've all been there, and apparently so has Pope Francis -- er, well, his official Instagram account. It seems the Papal 'gram has given bikini model Natalia Garibotto the blessing of a lifetime, 'liking' a steamy photo of the Brazilian influencer posing in a scandalous schoolgirl outfit (note: butts).

Although it's unclear when exactly when the holy double-tap occurred, the account 'unliked' the photo on November 14, the day after the incident first made headlines, according to Catholic News Agency. Since then, the Vatican has launched a full-fledged investigation into how, exactly, the mixup occurred, telling NBC News they suspect the 'like' may have come from outside the Pope's social media team. 

"We are studying what happened with the help of the competent office at Instagram," Matteo Bruni, the Vatican Press office's director, told the news outlet. As the church figures out how to proceed, Garibotto, who now boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram, seems to be making the most of this awkward situation. 

"At least I'm going to heaven," she tweeted last week. 

Well folks, there you have it. Holy Popes' Instagram Accounts -- they're just like ours! 

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