15 On-Screen And Behind-the-Scenes Tales Of Movie Farts

Some of the best scenes (and some lifelong friendships) began with a fart.
15 On-Screen And Behind-the-Scenes Tales Of Movie Farts

Fart jokes are some of the oldest jokes recorded because despite being the world’s weirdest fetish to admit to, farts are something everyone understands, across ages, languages, and classes. Shakespeare did it. So while doing a collection of the best fart jokes ever could be pretty great, we’re settling today for the best farts behind and on the screen. Because some of the best scenes in the most critically acclaimed films of all time, and some lifelong friendships, all began with farts. From the movies that your grandfather loved to the movies your children love to hate, here are some of the weirdest and most interesting farts on movie sets ever. Yes, it’s a weird list, but you’re the one reading it. 

Honorable mention goes to the real-life farts that were recorded and then used in Not Another Teen Movie, and the farts of Academy Award winner and multi-time Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse. All of the weird, horrid stories below are straight from the mouth of someone on set, sometimes the dealer themselves.

Titanic’s Leonardo DiCaprio would allegedly fart in his coat

Farts on and off-screen TITANIC TITANIC FART Leonardo DiCaprio would allegedly fart in his coat and sweep it across his co-worker's face, like the world's weirdest mating display. CRACKED.COM

Source: Koimoi

Brad Pitt used fart jokes to calm Kirsten Dunst

Farts on and off-screen INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE BRAD PITT'S FART JOKES Pitt soothed his child vampire co-star Kirsten Dunst by telling fart jokes. Despite the movie's disturbing tone, it was a chiller place for everyone because of Pitt's gross sense of humor. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

Spider-Man’s Tom Holland farted in front of Zendaya

Farts on and off-screen SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME SPIDER-FART Tom Holland's fart happened as he landed in front of Zendaya. The only one who could smell it was him 'because the suit was so tight it trapped it. CRACKED.COM

Source: MSN

Benicio del Toro improved the Usual Suspects by breaking the tension by farting

Farts on and off-screen BENICIO DEL TORO IMPROVED A SCENE BY FARTING. THE USUAL SUSPECTS The original line-up scene was a serious affair, but after del Toro started farting between takes, the actors started breaking and joking around, making the group look like friends. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Elijah Wood farted the first day of filming Lord of the Rings

Farts on and off-screen THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING LORD OF THE FARTS It was Elijah Wood's first day shooting, when Frodo and Sam run into Merry and Pippin and roll down the hill, all together in the Shire. That's the moment Wood chose to rip one out. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

André the Giant farted for sixteen seconds

Farts on and off-screen THE PRINCESS BRIDE ANDRÉ THE GIANT'S 16-SECOND OVATION André farted for a literal, show-stopping 16 seconds. Crew and cast members alike stopped for the moment. CRACKED.COM

Source: Sunny Skyz

Cumberbatch and Spielberg played a fart game on the set of War Horse

Farts on and off-screen CUMBERBATCH V SPIELBERG: DAWN OF FARTSTICE WAR HORSE Some farts are a game. Benedict Cumberbatch and director Steven Spielberg played a fart game app while filming, even managing to draw in Tom Hiddleston. CRACKED.COM

Source: People

Alicia Vikander pretended to give birth and farted

Farts on and off-screen ALICIA VIKANDER GAVE BIRTH TO A FART During an unnamed movie, Alicia Vikander got so into the moment of giving birth she farted, but she refuses to say what movie it was. Our guess? Birds Like Us. CRACKED.COM

Source: Toronto Sun

Jeremy Strong used a fart machine to break tension and get into character

Farts on and off-screen THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 JEREMY STRONG USED A FART MACHINE TO GET INTO CHARACTER. Succession actor Strong used the machine to break tension and get into character during scenes. CRACKED.COM

Source: Screen Rant

Paul Rudd’s unscripted fart scene wasn’t loved by Leslie Mann

Farts on and off-screen PAUL RUDD'S UNSCRIPTED FART SCENE THIS IS 40 Absolutely no one liked Rudd's unscripted fart. His co-star Leslie Mann, wife of director Judd Apatow, joined the crew in hating it. Regardless it stayed in. CRACKED.COM

Source: Film School Rejects

The Dune stars bonded over fart jokes

Farts on and off-screen TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET AND ZENDAYA'S FART BONDING DUNE Chalamet and Zendaya exchanged fart jokes to bond on set. Chalamet used them to break tension after Zendaya arrived. CRACKED.COM


Mission Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson performed a “fanny fart” on co-star Sean Harris

Farts on and off-screen MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 MISSION IMFARTSIBLE Movie scenes that make you fart: birth, beatings, and any and all stunts - something Mission Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson learned while wrapping around her co-star Sean Harris' neck, letting out a fanny fart. CRACKED.COM

Source: Cinemablend

Jonah Hill brought his fart machine onto press tours

Farts on and off-screen JONAH HILL'S FART MACHINE Julia Louis-Dreyfus bought Hill a fart machine he used on press tours. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mashable


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