31 Disturbing Animal Behaviors We Wish We Could Forget

31 Disturbing Animal Behaviors We Wish We Could Forget

One of the first interests most kindergarten children are into is animals. There’s a reason why so many youngsters have stuffed versions to cuddle with at bedtime and why there are still so many Zoobooks subscriptions still available even though print is dead. Animals are wild.

They are also terrifying.

Seriously, there are several disturbing and perturbing animal facts that Zoobooks omitted due to their wild, graphic nature. After all, nature has always been wild and graphic, especially their mating habits. Dating is rough, but it’s doubtful that you ever had to literally fight off other potential mates to get a partner?

Also, did you know that there are some animals that can smell heat or hear electricity? Or that one sea species might have unlocked the secret against aging?

Let’s get back to our five-year-old versions of ourselves to learn some interesting yet unsettling facts about our world’s animals. So scroll on down for some amazingly weird and disturbing animal behaviors.

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