14 Brilliant Animals Who Found Themselves In Very Human Situations

Controversial opinion: all moles should be allowed to go to church
14 Brilliant Animals Who Found Themselves In Very Human Situations

Chimps, widely regarded as the most intelligent creatures in the world, can manage their surroundings and circumstances to benefit themselves as well as their tribe. They have outfoxed people many times by figuring out using objects as instruments to get it done more quickly. ... Sassy little monkeys…

Man has traditionally wished to speak more effectively with the earth's animals and has developed incredible bonds with whales, puppies, birds, and primates. An animal that appears to understand us as well as amazes us by completing tasks rarely ceases to astound us. But, as humans, we constantly think we're the sharpest of the bunch, but are we?

Here, we'll show you some of the world's smartest animals and explain why they're smarter than most humans. Humans are not the smartest species on the planet. There are animals with psychology degrees strolling around, and we can't even get our inbox to zero.

Let’s give a boost to your knowledge.

Dolphins wear plague masks CRACKED.COM About 200 years ago, dolphins figured out that they could wear sponges on their noses, to prevent stonefish attacks as they're scouring the ocean floor.
Sonny, MD CRACKED.COM In 2007, an Australian comedy show successfully attained a medical degree for a dog, based on his significant proctology experience sniffing other dogs' bums.
Weevils get their day in court CRACKED.COM In 1545, a swarm of weevils was appointed a lawyer after being accused of destroying some French vineyards.
Macaques season their food CRACKED.co COM Back in the 50's, one Japanese macaque, under the watchful eyes of researchers, learned that cleaning sweet potatoes in salt water made them more flavorful. Now her descendants, and their entire tribe, practice salt washing to flavor their food.
Zoe D. Katze CRACKED.co A German psychologist set out to prove that the American Psychotherapy Association would certify anyone. He successfuly got a psychotherapy certification - and several hypnotherapy  credentials -- for Zoe the katze.
Ants get their steps in CRACKED.COM Scientists discovered that ants navigate using an internal pedometer (in a truly goulish way). They amputed some ants' limbs, gave others stilts then observed them all travel toward a familiar destination. They took the same amount of steps, but wound up over- or undershooting their destination, depending on their new limb length.
Oreo C. Collins, high school graduate CRACKED.CO CON In 2009, the Better Business Bureau conducted a sting operation, and caught Georgia-based Jefferson High School Online handing out diplomas like... Hydrox.
A family of moles was excomunicated CRACKED.CO In the year 384, a labor of moles was tried and found guilty of destroying crops. As punishment, the local clergy barred them from participating in the sacriments.
A pig was hanged for infanticide CRACKED.co In 1386, a SOW was found guilty of kiling and eating multiple infants. She was dressed in a new suit of man's clothes for some reason, and hanged publicly.
The rat swarm that wouldn't show up to court CRACKED.COM In 1522, a bunch of rats were called to a French court to answer for decimating local barley farms. An unlucky young lawyer was appointed to represent them, but had to repeatedly request a new date because his clients refused to show up.
A donkey was acquitted of bestiality CRACKED.com In 1754, some French guy was found guilty of bestiality. As for the female donkey that he ..beasted, a local priest swooped in to attest to her virtue and good behavior.
Spearfishing orangutans CRACKED.COM Orangutans in an animal sanctuary in Borneo have begun mimicking local fishermen, by hanging from vines and stabbing their prey with sharpened sticks.
Maxwell Sniffingwell CRACKED.COM In 2009, an Arkansas vet successfully got a degree in animal reproduction on behalf of his English bulldog. He noted Maxwell's natural ability (in bonin'), and even his experimental work with felines.
Kanzi the chimp taught himself how to cook CRACKED.co After watching a film called Quest for Fire hundreds of times, Kanzi learned how to build a fire and began cooking his food. He's reportedly been trying to teach his son, Teco, how to do it.
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