We like to think we run the planet, with our higher intelligence and penchant for being pretty innovative at warfare. But a hard glance at the Animal Kingdom gives us pause, because those little shits are sneaky in ways that make us a little nervous.

For example ...

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Some caterpillars disguise themselves as a pile of bird poop to seem less appetizing. Studies show birds are less likely to go after poop-colored caterpillars that are curled up rather than ones that are elongated. CRACKED COM

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Male peacocks sometimes make fake sex noises to attract more females. CRA By convincing females they are more sexually active, the male seems like a more attractive mate.

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When certain species of spiders want to pack up and take over new lands and resources, they use a process called ballooning They climb to a high point, spin a few strands of silk, catch some air and float away. Some have even traveled hundreds of miles overseas Mass ballooning

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CHIMPANZEES ARE VERY THOROUGH IN HUNTING TERMITES. CRACKED.COM Before sweeping a termite nest with a fishing stick, chimps run the fishing stick through their teeth, giving it a rough, frayed edge that catches more termites.

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Elephants have learned how to evade electrified fences. When hungry for a meal, elephants CRACD have been known to tiptoe over fences, one leg at a time, to escape enclosures and freely hunt for food.

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29 Animals That Are (Secretly) Evil Geniuses

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