Animals That (Eerily) Demonstrate Human-Like Behavior

Animals That (Eerily) Demonstrate Human-Like Behavior

Most people love animals, and not just for eating. And they love pointing out how much like people their own Mister Wigglebutt is. But it turns out that's not all that rare, in the animal kingdom.

A surprising number of animals habitually demonstrate almost human-like behavior, and even have eerily human qualities. And this is without dressing them up in homemade knitwear.

Entry by E. J. Diaz

CRACKEDOON AIpacas pee and POoP At the same spot like humans in a publis bathroom. When someone cleans the communal dung piles, they wait in line unti

Entry by Maclise

Rats can develop sexual fetishes just like people. Researchers have been able to influence lab rats to be attracted to perfume and even rat lingerie

Entry by devonn

Dolphins check themselves can out in the mirror! Self-recognition was once thought to be a uniquely human ability, but new reasearch shows that baby d

Entry by Maclise

Mantis shrimp have great poker faces In territorial disputes, mantis shrimp will actively bluff by trying to initiate fights, especially if they're we
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