28 Animals With Superhero Level Abilities


It turns out you don't have to watch the latest Marvel flick to see uncanny abilities. Our readers have compiled a list of animal abilities that would give the X-Men and run for their money, and we gave $100 to the winner ...

Entry by Ted E.

Depending on the circumstances, a human can survive without water for approximately 3 to 5 days. A camel can last as long as 15 days. However, due to

Entry by mand*

Birds fly south for the winter? So what? Did you know that some of these things can remember up to 25, .000 miles round trip, just to find the same ro

Entry by crybastian

The Borneo Ninja Slug This fella shoots potential mates with darts Laced with slug love potion to get them in the mood for some Lovensaking A.K.A lbyc

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