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7 Awful Sounds No One Ever Wants To Hear

Woe be to the aural terrorist who takes it upon themselves to drop an 'ahh' after every thirst-quenching swallow.


6 Iconic Works Of Art With Brutal Insults Hidden In Them

It turns out that J.K. Rowling makes it a habit to turn real people from her life into characters in her books, and for turning those characters into revenge.


5 Bizarre Ways Dyslexia Is Nothing Like You Picture It

After talking to real dyslexics, we discovered that the disorder is in fact more serious than we ever thought.


The Greatest Passive Aggressive Reference Letter Ever

Chris is constantly doing things that no one else would even dare, as he has no apparent fear of failure, understanding of his personal limitations, or respect for natural law.


My Wealthy Country Became A Dystopia Overnight: 6 Realities

There's always an apocalypse somewhere. Today's example: Venezuela.


5 Insane Ways We've Disrespected The Dead

In Japan, rather than let loved ones pile up in a funeral home's inbox, people can choose to dump their dead loved ones at a local corpse hotel.


6 Weird Realities Of The Underground Arcade Gaming Industry

It's like 'Rain Man' except the arcades want you to beat them.


6 Ways 'Deadpool' Was Exactly As Violent As It Needed To Be

If conflict is essential to good storytelling, then violence, devoid of context, is entertainment, I would argue.


6 Insane Prejudices People Have Based On How You Talk

It turns out that the world demands certain things of voices, things that not all of us have. And when we don't have them, the world steps on our little necks for it.


5 WTF Comicbook Origins Of Batman V Superman

Think of the following comics as the embarrassing parents to Batman V Superman's angry goth kid.


The 6 Most Insane Things Ever Done With Nuclear Weapons

Unwilling to let all of this civilization-ending technology go to waste, we've come up with some novel and incredibly unwise uses for nuclear weapons.


8 Insane Passive Aggressive Signs Used By Actual Businesses

What kind of society is this where we can't fart whilst buying our ice cream?


5 Types Of 'Scientific' Evidence You Won't Believe Are B.S.

Fingerprint identification is an extremely delicate art. And by 'delicate,' we mean 'wildly subjective.'


5 Things I Learned Going To Military Prison

The military has its own special way of punishing lawbreakers, and while we don't know much about military justice, we assume it's not one hour to think in the time-out corner.


4 Gender Double Standards Everyone's Apparently OK With

If people on Twitter and Facebook hadn't spoken up, Gawker would have turned Jennifer Lawrence's boobs into their new logo.