16 Terms Professionals Use To Speak In Code

Decode the jargon.
16 Terms Professionals Use To Speak In Code

First, we learned an entire language. Maybe, if we were lucky, we learned a second entire language. And regardless of our luck, if we've ever had a job, we had to learn a whole new language of jargon specific to our job.

Here's a cheat sheet of 16 words from an assortment of other jobs so you don't have to work a whole new job to learn the military slang for "pooping onself."

  OPERATION BRIGHT STAR CENABD Code for a medical emergency on a cruise ship. Operation Rising Star is code that a passenger has died. CRACKED.COM
2 INSPECTOR SANDS In UK public transportation services, a code used in announcements when there's a public emergency, like a fire or bomb threat CRACK
UNCLE BOB  When used by a wedding photographer, it means your attempt at a photo is ruining their professional shot CRACKED.COM
FREQUENT FLYERS A 26 An EMS term for people who call for an ambulance in non-emergency situations... sometimes multiple times in a single shift. CRACK
PUCKER FACTOR a military term referring to the scale for fear based on how tightly you are clinching the muscles around your anus CRACKED.COM
DONORCYCLES A reference within the medical field to motorcycles, since they result in donors with young, healthy organs with only head injuries CRACKE
  MORGUE When used by newspapers, it's the back room where they keep their printed back issues. CRACKED.COM
TOPLESS MEETING Not as risque as it sounds ... a business meeting where electronics are banned as distractions CRACKED.COM
 RING RATS  Groupies who hang around arenas and hotel rooms, trying to bed -wrestlers CRACKED.COM
 BROWN BROWN STAR CLUSTER The military term for shitting your pants. Cute. CRACKED.COM
PILLOW THERAPY The urge to suffocate an annoying patient with their own pillow CRACKED.COM
BURY THE HATCHET When a surgeon (accidentally) leaves a tool inside the patient CRACKED.COM
 DEAD CAT  The fuzzy cover that protects a microphone from wind CRACKED.COM
 SNIPERS  In prison, someone who masturbates discreetly. A killer is someone who does it publicly. CRACKED.COM
ADAM HENRY ETR DPOLITAN PO LIHE PIURE J. KRYCUA An oh-so-creative police term for asshole (AH) CRACKED.COM
BLUE  JUICE The flight crew's cutesy nickname for toilet water CRACKED.COM
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