Oh hi! Uh, no we didn't have McDonald's for breakfast and Taco Bell for lunch and Wendy's for dinner. And we certainly didn't eat at Arby's, we have some sense of dignity around here! What's that you say? These crumpled wrappers and the smell of processed food and the French fries embedded in the carpet are proof that we're lying? Well! We think you're being a bit presumptuous. Hang on, let us just clean up the living room a bit…

Okay, let's take this again. Hi, welcome to Cracked. Can I take your order? Oh man, the fries are hot and fresh out of the oil. The ice cream machine is working. And the spicy chicken is a-cracklin'. So please take your number, go fill your soda cup, and sit at a formica table while we prepare your order. A big ol' pile of steamin' facts about your favorite fast food is coming up!

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18 Fast Food Facts Real Fast

18 Fast Food Facts Real Fast


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