15 Lesser-Known Cryptids You Should Be Warned About

These aren't the big celebrities of the monster world -- but that doesn't make them any less (or more) real.
15 Lesser-Known Cryptids You Should Be Warned About

Name a cryptid. Name another cryptid. OK, now name one that is neither Bigfoot nor the Loch Ness Monster. It starts getting uphill at this point, doesn't it? This lack of knowledge about dubious zoology is worrying. Suppose you ever come across a mysterious creature. What will you tell the detail-hungry media? "It was a thing with some stuff?" Of course not -- they'll laugh at you. If you want the respect afforded to serious monster hunters, you need to be knowledgeable. We have prepared a primer for you here, so you can start your education about lesser-known cryptids. You're welcome.

THE MALAWI TERROR BEAST was on the BBC. In 2003, this hyena-like thing killed a few people and maimed several more in Dowa, Malawi. It could have been
Source: BBC
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