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Big-city crimes pale in comparison to the shady, monstrous deeds carried out in hamlets and villages across the country.


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6 Things You Learn Living In (And Killing) A Cult

This cult had a rare transition: From crazy to sane. It usually runs the other way, and doesn't stop until the men in white coats take it down with a net.


7 Costumes You Think Are Clever (That Really, Really Aren't)

We don't like Ken Bone anymore, so toss that red sweater in the trash.


The Best Answer To Racist Questions About Your Ethnicity

In your best interest, I've written down some moments and places where it would be totally okay for you to justifiably rip your face off with your bare hands, without being arrested and/or institutionalized.n your best interest, I've written down some moments and places where it would be totally okay for you to rip your face off with your bare hand


6 Facts About Halloween Candy Creepier Than Any Ghost Story

If you want to be scared about Halloween candy, look no further than the candy companies themselves


6 Horrible (But Real) Ways To Teach Your Body Superpowers

Please, don't try any of these crazy suggestions.


A Retrospective Look At The Insanity Of Child Safety Guides

Let's take a trip down a weird back alley on Memory Lane, where every memory is of murder.


The Life Of A Night Watchman Is Way Creepier Than You Think

What's it like to do cop stuff without the benefit of a gun, arrest powers, or backup? Spoiler: It's horrifying.


5 Things 'Smart' People Believe (That Are Totally Wrong)

If there's one issue dominating the headlines these days, it's definitely the terrifying spectre of snobs and how they're ruining everything.


Uh, America's Take On The Salem Witch Trials Is Really Weird

Instead of solemnly remembering their dark past with humility, Salem has gone a different route -- specifically, the route populated with merchandise and Ferris wheels.


The Nasty Realities Of The Political Attack Ad Industry

We sat down with Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist who has helped to craft hundreds of attack ads.


6 Everyday Products That Almost Nobody Realizes Are A Scam

These products have managed to stick around for decades despite the fact that we absolutely do not need them.