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6 Jobs That Are Super Racist, And Nobody Seems To Care

Plenty of seemingly open-minded industries are still pretty white, and are in no hurry to change that.


6 Of Your Favorite Foods Made Possible By Human Suffering

Some of the foods you buy at the local supermarket are produced not just atop a mountain of yuck, but on the backs of inconceivable human tragedy.


Internet Scammers Try To Catfish The Military. I Stop Them.

Not even Army Generals are exempt from depressing internet scam attempts


Miracles Don't Prove God's Existence, This Awful Stuff Does

The more you learn about the world, the more you see that it has clearly been meticulously engineered to be as frustrating and awful as possible.


8 Amusement Parks That Died Surreal And Bizarre Deaths

There's not much middle ground when it comes to theme parks -- either you operate a magical and amazing facility, or you wind up with a sad, rusted out Christmas Wonderland.


5 'Vintage' Items That Are Hugely Overrated

It seems weird that movies are trying to convince us that all the old ways of doing things are objectively better than our modern methods.


Sorry, Nobody Told Me Owning My Own Waterpark Would Be Hard

The events that occurred last year at The Slick 'n' Sloppy Chris Bucholz Experience were regrettable.


5 Super-Adorable Animals That Can Kill The Hell Out Of You

The critters with plush fur, and big eyes, and cuddly widdle toes are on our side. Right? Ri- right?


5 Sex Enhancements That Are Either Insane Or Brilliant

These people are refusing to rest their laurels. Their sticky, sticky laurels.


We Were Nearly Killed By Modern Day Witch Hunters

What's it like when, through a calamitous chain of events, you find yourself naked, filthy, and exhausted, being hunted by an angry mob who thinks you're a witch?


5 People Who Ruled At Things They Had No Right to Even Try

Some people pull such amazing feats, it's hard not to think they're secretly X-Men.


6 Baffling Nightlife Laws You Had No Idea Existed

We've ended up with some bizarre laws that will kill a Spring Break party faster than a tropical storm.


5 People Who Survived Completely Unsurvivable Situations

Once in a while, a person finds themselves face-to-face with Death ... and decides to yank the Grim Reaper's robe up and give him a wedgie


What I Learned Talking People Out Of Suicide

We talked to former California Highway Patrolman Kevin Briggs, who talked over 200 people down off the ledge.


6 Facts That Will Clear Up Your Confusing Life

Of course you don't know what you want to do with your life. It would be weird if you did.