Weird World: 12 Ding-Dong Pieces Of News We Somehow Missed

Sometimes, pizza dough evolves into a force of nature.
Weird World: 12 Ding-Dong Pieces Of News We Somehow Missed

Angelina Jolie's Oscar scene stance was memorable, but an Iranian film winning the award was not. It just demonstrates that perhaps the unusual and strange catch people's attention. A fifteen-minute burst of fame makes for peculiar news.

Crazy news fills in the blanks and makes the world a more interesting place. They frequently elicit a good chuckle or two, those who do demonstrate that our universe is strange but not without its own humor.

Besides all of the negative energy, several news stories made us do a a double-take and double-check the reference to make sure we weren’t reading satire. To demonstrate just how strange past years have been, our team at Cracked has compiled a list of the most bizarre news stories and media stories to share with all of you. So grab the popcorn or a warm pot of coffee, settle in, and let's take a good look at the side of last year that you might have done miss. Let's look at a few more news that brings the strange to our tired eyes.

Keep scrolling and have fun.

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