12 Clever Loopholes People Found In Inane Rules And Policies

12 Clever Loopholes People Found In Inane Rules And Policies

Some say “the rules are made to be broken,” however often when you do break certain rules, you'll end up in prison. Sure, you may just decide the rules of money don't apply to you and just take what you want, but that won't free you from the consequences when you decide to walk out of the store with a Playstation you didn't pay for. Just being a rebel doesn't pay off. It can just take years away from your life and have them given the government until you're let go. You should always follow the rules.

Loopholes are different. You're still following the rules to the letter and someone cries foul, they cannot touch you. You're still following the rules. You may be acting like a jerkwad, but you're technically still following the rules.

Here's a list of people who found several loopholes to help you learn how to properly stick it to The Man.

Soccer fan gets booted from stadium; rents a crane. CRACKED.COM Turkish soccer fan Ali Demirkaya got a temporary ban from his local stadium, but he still refused to miss a game. He spent $86 to watch from a crane parked nearby.

Source: Time

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