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Moms Think You're Creepy: 5 WTF Side Effects Of Single Dads

On many occasions, when one of my kids made a new friend, their parents would hastily decide that it was time to go home.


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We all have stupid questions that need answering. Fortunately, living in the 21st Century have provided us a means to get those answers via curious internet columnists.


5 Ways The U.S. Is Still Horrible At Handling Disabilities

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5 Reasons The World Thinks Women Are Crazy: An Inside Look

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Kills 99% Of Germs: 6 Ad Phrases That Mean Literally Nothing

Some marketing ploys have become so ingrained in our culture, we simply accept them as fact.


The Most Unexpectedly Annoying Aspect Of Getting Married

The F-word is a blaring small-talk siren that forces seemingly reasonable people to forget whatever they were just doing and start reciting the 'Basic Wedding' questionnaire.


The Strange Realities Of Hustling Pool For A Living

We know what you're thinking and yes, he has been hit in the face with a pool cue.


5 Horrifying Jobs That Almost Make You Prefer Unemployment

The next time you're having a bad day, remember that you could be clocking in to a day's worth of web gore and child pornography.


5 World-Famous Landmarks That Have Totally Weirdo Secrets

Even our most solemn and serious places can have some really strange Easter eggs in them.


18 Photos That Will Change How You Think Of Time

Who needs tree rings when there's much cooler stuff to show you the passage of time?


4 Backwards Medical Beliefs In Otherwise Developed Countries

When traveling in Germany, refuse the temptation to open any windows.


6 Normal People Who Became Crazy Badasses When Facing Danger

There are real folks out there who, when danger came a-knocking, mustered the mental steel to uppercut danger in its stupid idiot face.


5 Annoying Modern Debates That Have Been Around Forever

What's actually fake news is thinking Donald Trump coined the idea of 'fake news.'