26 Times Brands Made Unbelievably Bad Calls

We didn't think claw machines could get worse...
26 Times Brands Made Unbelievably Bad Calls

The larger a corporation is, the more willing it is to take risks. While investing huge amounts of money in consumer research and marketing campaigns can yield spectacular results, it can also result in the most dreadful failures. Items developed after 1950 by America's biggest firms include some of the worst product disasters of all time.

Even for a well-known brand, introducing new products into the market is difficult. Buyers aren't always ready for an item, and they aren't always able to find another one like it. And if that happens, no amount of propaganda will be able to persuade people to buy faulty goods. And when the CEO of a well-known business attempting to launch a product proclaims that it "makes it taste like sh*t," the item has no chance of becoming popular. Weird right?

It turns out that even the most powerful multinational corporations make mistakes...who knew they weren't always motivated by humanity's best interests??

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