13 Products Companies (Sneakily) Cheapened Up

Big name brands have been quietly screwing us for years.
13 Products Companies (Sneakily) Cheapened Up

We like to stereotype big name brands as greedy fat cats that'll do anything to increase their bottom line, scruples be damned. But it's kind of justified when they've been silently getting over on us for years on end.

(Shout out to OldManRivers for the contest suggestion -- who, judging by the user name, probably noticed all of these before anyone else did.)

Your T-shirts are thinning. CRACKED.COM On these see-through tissue tees cotton is replaced with cheaper, thinner synthetic fabric.
CRACKED co Like a schoolyard bully, CLAW MACHINES are notorious for repeatedly taking your cash. Now, armed with a smartphone app, the owner can reall
13 Products Companies (Sneakily) Cheapened Up
Toblerone reduced the triangle chunks while retaining the appearance of the original package size. GALMONO NOUGAT HONEY CHOCOLATE WITH SWISS MILK TOBL
Try to fit all five fingers into one of the newer Pringles tubes. Can't fit? It's not your fault. 9I GI D1 GI z1 lol O S S S Prin When the company shi
Kitkat TWix CHUNKY BS CE c Certain candy bars have been shrunken down over time, but the prices have not. A Twix is 14% smaller than it was a few year
When Chobani reduced the size OF their yogurt cups from 6oz to 5.3 oz, they claimed that the smaller portion is the ...established norm for the categ
13 Products Companies (Sneakily) Cheapened Up
They might Ealey alln look the same JACS API APrn JAc KS because they're NMAANA aets Nutrition Faer just as tall, but cereal boxes are getting thinner
Cheers? eers Called Cheater Pints, some bars in the USA will use thicker glasses that hold 140Z., instead of giving you the 16oz. they advertise. Som
Since flavored chips cost more to manufacture, Lay's packages five to six fewer chips per bag, compared to the same size bag of their original chips.
Ts To save money, Disney resorts are actually reducing the amount of time characters spend meeting and greeting visitors!
Toilet paper companies have gradually been reducingthe widthof GRAU their product: some by as much as 25%. You can See it for yourself just by observi

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