27 Hilariously Bad Predictions of the Future From Experts

27 Hilariously Bad Predictions of the Future From Experts

It's hard to believe we're approaching the twenty-first century. Though we've seen some incredible technical advancements, such as artificial intelligence as well as smartphones that unlock via facial recognition, we're still not living in the world of flying automobiles and personal robot assistants that people once dreamed of. Indeed, projections about the contemporary and dramatic changes we'd experience in this distant-sounding year were fairly lofty decades ago. Do you need a good laugh? Here are a few amusing predictions for the coming years that people actually expected to happen at one point or another. They haven't, regrettably... at least not yet!

Although no one can truly foretell the future, some people sure do try. It's amusing to look back on their expectations years later to see how badly they failed. So take a look at these arrogant predictions of the future from so-called experts if you need proof that no one knows the future. Yikes.

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