14 Facts We Make No Guarantee Will Impact Your Life In Any Meaningful Way

It is our responsibility to clarify: The stuff in thermometers will NOT grant Wolverine powers.
14 Facts We Make No Guarantee Will Impact Your Life In Any Meaningful Way

So let us get this straight; making Tinkerbell an honorary UN ambassador is perfectly fine, but Wonder Woman is not? It could be that one of her canon weaknesses is “a woman's vanity,” or it could be something much stupider. Stay up to date on all the weird things happening every day by signing up for the One Cracked Fact newsletter!

JAY LENO SERIOUSLY THOUGHT GEORGE CLOONEY SHOULD PLAY HIM IN A MOVIE. CRACKED.co NBC replaced Leno with Conan O'Brien as the host of The Tonight Show, as they'd long promised they would, but then they gave Leno a new show in his old slot and pushed Conan back after midnight. This was all very similar to what had happened at NBC almost 20 years earlier with Leno and David Letterman. The earlier dispute was such a big deal, it led to a book and then an HBO film, The Late Shift. Leno's people contacted HBO to suggest their pick for
WINDSHIELDS ALL OVER WASHINGTON: STATE WERE BEING DAMAGED BY AN INVISIBLE FORCE... OR WERE THEY? 2 CRACKED.COM Drivers noticed tiny chips had suddenly appeared on their windshields in Bellingham, Washington in 1954. As news spread, people as far as Seattle began noticing their windshields were mysteriously pitted, and an outbreak at a naval station resulted in military action. Finally, scientists were asked to conduct a survey to find the cause of this phenomenon. The result of the survey was that nothing mysterious was happening, people were just finally looking closely at their windshields, which get hit with normal road debris
THE FIRST GUY TO RECEIVE BITCOIN SPENT HIS FINAL BITCOINS TO CRYOGENICALLY FREEZE HIS BODY. CRACKED.co COM Hal Finney was a mysterious, if not famous cyberpunk that contributed to the creation of Bitcoin. When Finney was diagnosed with ALS, a profile on him made his name widely known, and donors began to flood him with Bitcoin to buy a device to help him communicate. No such device existed to help with his type of paralysis, so he put his money in cryogenics. When he died in 2014, Finney's body went to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the nonprofit most famous
PAKISTAN ACCIDENTALLY BROUGHT DOWN YOUTUBE WORLDWIDE IN 2008. You Tube siness SE CRACKED.com When a video containing the 2005 Danish cartoon of the prophet Muhammed was uploaded to YouTube, Pakistan wanted to take it down. They couldn't delete the video themselves, and didn't want to wait for actions by YouTube, so they decided to just block the site completely in the country. Pakistan's telecom authority made it SO anyone in the country who tired to go to the Youtube URL would get the wrong address. The signal reached Hong Kong, and got through as the true link which would redirect
THE UN MADE WONDER WOMAN AN HONORARY AMBASSADOR (THEN IMMEDIATELY WALKED IT BACK). CRACKED.co In 2016, the United Nations named Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls, joining the ranks of fictional characters such as Red from Angry Birds. The decision was criticized for using a character described as a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions. A few months later, the UN bowed to pressure and pulled the plug on the campaign, which was probably just a promotion for the first Wonder Woman movie anyway.
NICOLAS CAGE POTENTIALLY PULLED A NATIONAL TREASURE ON US, WITH A SUPERMAN COMIC. CRACKED.COM Cage bought a copy of Action Comics No. 1 for $150,000 in 1997, putting it in a display frame in his home. In January 2000, the comic was gone, and Cage collected the insurance he had placed on it. A decade later, the comic appeared in an abandoned storage locker, and no one knew why. The following November, it was sold at an auction, netting $2.1 million for it's seller: Nicolas Cage.
THE (REAL-LIFE) PENTAGON KEPT LEX LUTHOR FROM SETTING OFF A NUKE UNTIL AFTER WWII. BOOM CRACKED.COM A full year before the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, DC was planning to release a comic in which Lex Luthor has his hands on his own atomic device. America's Office of Censorship asked DC to shelve the comic after getting an advanced look, and it wasn't released until after the war had ended. In the comic, The Battle of the Atoms, Luthor chucks the grenade-sized atomic bomb at Superman, to no effect.
COMIC WRITERS STARTED GETTING CREDIT THANKS TO ANANTI-CENSORSHIP PUN. THERE'S NO ESCAPE FROM THE HOUSE SECRETS OF CRACKED .COM The 1954 Comics Code Authority implemented strict restrictions on what could appear in comic books, including horror, specifically zombies, vampires, and werewolves. When a character introduced a story from DC's House of Secrets by saying it was told to him long ago by a wandering wolfman, the CCA wanted to censor the line. But on the next page you see the joke: Script: Mary Wolfman. After this, every writer wanted their name on their stories, SO DC began crediting them all.
LONG BEFORE THEY BOUGHT MARVEL, DISNEY FORCED HOWARD THE DUCK TO WEAR PANTS. SIDNEY BEFURE IMET DEMENTED PEFENDERS FIND YOU! OF DECENCY, DUCKY HELPED LAND BY A HABER- DASHER? CLOTHLINESS NEXT CONSERVATIVE TO GODLINESS is CLASSICK CRRE CRACKED.CO In 1977, Disney demanded to redesign Marvel character Howard The Duck for being a ripoff of their own IP, Donald Duck. Marvel accepted the redesign, which put Howard in pants, and wrote a story to explain it. In the story, businessman Wally Sidney, a cartoonist that opens the Sidney Land clothing emporium, creates a market for pet clothes and demands all animals be
ACCORDING TO JACK KIRBY, A DISTRAUGHT MOTHER WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR THE HULK. CRACKED.co As Jack Kirby, who claims sole credit for the creation of The Hulk character, describes it, he once witnessed a short, firm, well-built woman lift the backend of a car with her bare hands. The car was parked over a gutter, in which the woman's child had fallen, unable to escape on his own. Kirby says the mother gained the strength to move a car when pushed to the limit through desperation, and the Hulk would get that same power through rage.
A KID INJECTED HIMSELF WITH MERCURY TO TRY TO BECOME WOLVERINE. CRACKED.CO A 15-year-old in New Delhi entered the trauma center with ulcers on his arm that wouldn't heal. After some tests, the doctors confirmed he injected himself with the mercury he took from broken thermometers and other equipment. He had watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was inspired to become a superhero, which was the same reason he tried to turn into Spider-Man by getting repeatedly bitten by spiders prior.
MACAULAY CULKIN ONLY AGREED TO 'HOME ALONE 2' IF HE COULD ALSO PLAY A HORROR VILLAIN. EVIL HAS Many EACES. the GOOD SON CRACKED.com Macaulay's father and manager, Kit, told 20th Century Fox that if they wanted him for Home Alone 2, they also had to give him the role of the evil kid in their upcoming R-rated thriller, The Good Son. Fooled by the movie's innocuous title and poster, parents brought their kids to see the Home Alone star get up to his old shenanigans, which now included trying to murder his own mother by dropping a rock on
YOU CAN VISIT THE (FAKE) GRAVE OF DRACULA IN ENGLAND. CRACKED.co The story of Dracula was inspired by the town of Whitby, in England, where Bram Stoker had stayed in 1890. Whitby today capitalizes on this, offering Dracula tours where tourists can visit the local parish church-the one mentioned by name in the novel-ar ask to see Dracula's grave. There was no grave for Dracula (for many reasons, like because he isn't real) SO a rector in Whitby directed tours to a random tomb, with a newly commissioned Dracula headstone.
ARIZONA HELD A WITCH TRIAL IN THE 1970s... KINDA. CRACKED .COM After a folklore expert came to Flowing Wells High School in Arizona and discussed the physical attributes of witches, students noticed most of them described one of their teachers, Ann Stewart. Stewart leaned into the role a little too hard, teaching about witches and even dressing up as one, until her school fired her. She had tenure SO she was able to fight the termination, which reached the trial stage and went before a judge, who decided in her favor. Stewart, while denying being a witch, did say witches
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